Fire and Wire Welding was started in 2011 by Steven Rumbaugh. Steven has a background in art and graphic design. After completing college,  Steven found that he was interested in welding.  He began working at a shop where he learned the trade from an experienced shop owner.  This owner was willing to teach Steven everything he had learned over the years. After working in the industry for 10 years, Steven successfully created a client base that gave him the ability to start Fire and Wire Welding. 

Fire and Wire welding offers welding in all processes and on all metals. We have the equipment needed to get your job done as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. We have accounts with several metal suppliers in order to receive the best price for your job.

Metal Guide

Frequently Asked Questions


How can we get started with my project? Usually it is best for us to come out and take a look at your project so we can discuss what will work best.

What kind of paint do you use? Most items are sandblasted, primed, and powder coated.

How are the handrails attached? Handrails are attached with either hydraulic cement or mechanical  fasteners. If hydraulic cement is used, a hole is drilled using a core drill and the post is cemented in. If mechanical fasteners are used, a  plate is attached to the post and bolted down.

Can handrails be installed in cold weather? YES, even though the install time may take a little longer, it is no problem for us to install handrails in the cold weather.